27,000 Computers Participating in OpMegaupload DDoS Attack (Exclusive)

Since news got out that Megaupload had been closed and some of their administrators arrested, Anonymous hackers called all their supporters to launch massive distributed denial of service attacks against government websites and the ones owned by the media industry and their representatives.

We managed to get in touch with one of the individuals who are aiding Anonymous launch these attacks to find out some details.

It turns out that Internet users from around the world are participating in the attack, which not only represents a protest against the fact that Megaupload is closed down, but also a continuation of the protest against SOPA.

At the time of writing, the participants in the DDOS attack are targeting the online stores of Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) and Warner Bros Records, the main reason being to show them that sales can drop due to other reasons, not only piracy.

One of the protestors, Scout395, has been sending large packets to websites using the HOIC tool, but others are instructed by Anonymous to use LOIC or SLOWORIS. Asked if he’s not afraid of being tracked down, Scout395 replied that they were precisely instructed on how to hide their IPs using VPN services.

The IRC channel dedicated to the operation is flooded with users from all around the world, including Denmark, Portugal, Chile, Estonia, Sweden and Norway, Anonymous reports claiming that around 27,000 computers are taking part. It seems that SOPA is not causing waves only in the US.

“SOPA is actually a huge discussion in my school too. Many of the ‘computer nerds’ around here are outraged,” said Scout395, a student from Denmark.

While he has nothing to do with hacking, he joined the protest to show his support.

“I hate the fact that the feds can take down internet websites, and they don't know the consequences of what they are doing. Furthermore, I stand for what Anonymous stands for, and somehow I felt like joining the resistance. I want to be a part of the group that prevented SOPA,” he said.

For now, the attacks continue with all the participants proposing new targets. Apple, NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange are just a few of them.


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