Anonymous Reveals Support for Protests in Romania

A couple of days ago we’ve seen how the protests in Romania are used by cybercriminals to spread their malicious campaigns. At the time, we wrote that unlike in other countries, these Occupy-like movements are not backed up by Anonymous hackers, but this has now changed.

The hacktivist collective released a video to show their support for the street protests that have taken place in Romania in the past days.

“After 22 years of theft, lies and manipulation, perpetuated by your governments, and the corporate media, your voices are being heard once more on the streets of your cities,” Anonymous says in their video statement.

“You must acknowledge the fact that bringing down one man, and choosing another will not solve your problems. This will only perpetuate the political circus that has been unfolding in front of your eyes for 22 years. You must acknowledge the fact that your entire political class is corrupt and does not serve the interest of the people, as it should.”

22 years ago, after the revolution that represented the end of communism in Romania, the country’s citizens hoped that democracy and the freedom that came with it were about to improve their lifestyles significantly.

Now, as in many countries, the economic crisis has taken its toll and the country’s government has been forced to take drastic measures to support Romania’s financial situation. However, the citizens are not content with the measures adopted by their leaders and protests, some peaceful and some more violent, are taking place.

With the message released by hackers operating under the name Anonymous, Romania joins the list of countries whose citizens are supported by the hacktivists.

So far, no targets have been officially announced, but we may expect that as in other places where Anonymous got involved, government and corporation websites might end up being hacked and defaced to host protest messages.

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