Black Hat Cleaning Day: Phantom Leaks Tons of Data

Notorious black hats that hacked thousands of websites in their lifetime gather gigabytes of information stolen from their victims, much of which is never published online. Phantom~, one of the members of TeaMp0isoN, decided to clean up his hard drive and publish tons of data he collected as a result of breaching sites.

Usernames, passwords and other sensitive information belonging to members and administrators of around 7,000 websites are contained in the data leak, posted on Pastebin in multiple parts.

We found Phantom on an IRC channel and contacted him to find out why he published all the data after all this time.

“Cleaning my PC, I worked on them, so it’s not for nothing. People can test their skills on them and [expletive],” said Phantom~.

The list of victims includes book stores, website developers, mobile phone stores and other, mostly commercial, websites from all around the world.

“I hacked the websites all on my own to test them and to test my skills. I didn't deface either of them because I don't deface. Some of the websites' administrators didn't even know they were hacked,” he added.

Fortunately, the hacker said he tested his skills enough and he didn’t plan to breach website just for the fun of it.

“6-9 months ago I stopped hacking randomly and now I’m focusing on big projects,” he concluded.

On the other hand, the information is relatively new, obtained mostly in 2011, and other hackers, probably script kiddiez, have already put it to good use, defacing some of the websites whose administrator credentials were contained in the leak.

TeaMp0isoN is known as one of the most famous black hat hacking groups, many of their operations being launched as a form of protest against a regime or a company.

Their most notable operations in the past months are the ones against UN, T-Mobile, Operation Robin Hood and Operation Free Palestine.


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