Found your site hacked ? ... Do you think that's all?

Found your site hacked ?
Do you think that's all?
What you do not know is that he who has entered in your site can leave little more than an index!

Insider  wants to warn site/forum owners that there's danger and no one speaks

When someone has access to site files can do whatever he wants and that includes uploading / downloading files
I will present some of the possible actions that can be a hacker in your host:

  • The simplest and visible action is changing or replacing index show that's all he had access
  • Another option is for intruders to copy everything found or steal important things and such damage is greater than a simple ... You are hacked by ...
  • What many ignore and is very serious is that the intruder can use the site for action against other websites or people. He can load on the host diferent hacking methods to steal personal data of those who visit the site, or use the host site for:
                                                         Stealer / Keyloger / Phishing / Rat
                                                         Botnet's / DDosser's/ Shell's

The above are quite dangerous because if they are found ... you are guilty because it's your host and to escape the trouble you have to fight with the law

To better understand i have a very interesting example

if the index would have changed would be a simple site ... and now when you see you can tell it's a simple hack

But ... look here

These are all files of a virus called SpyEye ... virus that hackers steal personal data such as credit cards, personal accounts, ... but also is used for attacks against other sites

So it is not enough to see if your site is online .... inspect your files as often as you have and if you do not know ... ask for help to have a secure site not to get into trouble

Stay close and you wiil see more

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