Insider warns owners of Nulled forums

Although vulnerability is quite common among those who deal with hacking seems VBulletin forums owners are not taking necessary safety precautions
Famous file validator.php vulnerability found in particular versions of VBulletin forum Nulled ( DGT) provides read access and even download access to all files that are in forum

Any file .sql / .zip / .rar (sometimes can be found) /. txt / can be downloaded by anyone outside the Forum
Also  files like .htaccess which has interesting information (
Directory )

Nulled IPB forum owners do not believe that they are ok
There are versions of IPB Nulled also holding file validatop.php

Deleting this file is one of the solutions or if you do not even trust what I say do not let important files that  may be downloaded 

The best solution is to buy the original forum script 

The Professional Defence Community has make alot of reports to the owners but only 3-4 of them have taken action  ( lol ???? )

Have Fun and stay safe 

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