Stratfor Worked with Authorities Against ‘Occupy’, Anonymous Leaks Show

An activist organization called Deep Green Resistance (DGR) is accusing both Stratfor and Texas law enforcement representatives of violating their constitutional rights by spying on their movement and infiltrating the Occupy protest to gather information.

While the massive quantity of information leaked by Anonymous after they breached the systems of intelligence company Stratfor was considered a teaser by many, further analysis of the documents and emails made by DGR led them to believe that “from at least” October or November 2011 Stratfor collaborated with Texas law enforcement to infiltrate and spy on activist movements.

Emails found throughout the documents published by the hacktivists hint that Stratfor officers received information from the Texas Department of Public Safety regarding Occupy Austin and DGR.

“Law enforcement sharing information about local activism with private intelligence firms should be a huge scandal,” said Rachel Meeropol, staff attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights.

“Privately funded surveillance and infiltration of activist groups is especially chilling, as time and again we see such corporations operate as if they are above the law and accountable to no one.”

The emails apparently prove that a Stratfor agent went under cover with the purpose of gathering intel on the Occupy movement.

DGR representative aren’t upset only because the spies managed to gather information on their meetings, books and relations with other activists, but also because Stratfor’s reports are full of inaccurate facts and “hasty generalizations,” even to the point where the activists are accused of indoctrination and being inspired by Nazism.

The data obtained by Anonymous as a result of the hacking operation against Stratfor caused a lot of waves, reports saying that important public figures may have been exposed. Now, after things were beginning to cool off, it seems that the 200 gigabytes of information may still contain details that until now have been left unnoticed.

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