Anonymous Hacks National Institute of Research for Optoelectronics

Romania’s National Institute of Research and Development for Optoelectronics (INOE) is the latest victim of hacktivists. The Romanian faction of Anonymous hacked the organization’s website, leaking nearly 2,000 files that should allegedly unmask the corruption that takes place.

The website’s main domain,, and other subdomains were breached, the hackers obtaining documents stored on their servers.

A teaser of the data leak provided by Anonymous reveals detailed project budget plans, implementation plans for a cooperation program with Norway, disbursement plans, invoices, and reports.

The data, totaling 2 gigabytes, reportedly contains tons of information to prove that the institution is corrupt.

Anonymous told us that they didn’t have the chance to analyze all the data they leaked, but they provided one example which led them to believe that the amounts of money spent by INOE are extremely large. They identified a document which shows that the firm spent around 230,000 EUR (around $300,000) on a computer.

The hackers also revealed that in the next days, they will publish other “interesting data” as part of the operation that targets the Romanian government.

We have contacted INOE representatives asking them to respond to the accusations launched by Anonymous so stay tuned to find out what they have to say.

The hacktivist have been highly active in Romania in the past several weeks, hacking and defacing sites, and leaking all the data they could find, which presumably can prove that large amounts of money are transactioned for other purposes than the ones they were intended for.

The list of victims includes a social welfare and child protection agency, the National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Maramures, and other government sites.

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