Government Sites Hacked in Response to India and Bangladesh Cyberwar

If up until now they only found vulnerabilities in major websites with the purpose of letting administrators know that their assets may be exposed to cybercriminal operations, members of TeamHav0k revealed their activist side and intervened in the cyber battle taking place between Indian and Bangladeshi hacktivists.

By making use of some SQL injection vulnerabilities they identified, the hackers breached the official websites of the Police and the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, leaking information from their databases.

"Cyber wars won't solve anything. Attacks with a political objective of bringing awareness to a subject would suffice, but at some point they are just beating a dead horse,” said 4rch1t3ct, the leader of TeamHav0k.

However, the fact that they hacked Bangladeshi sites doesn’t mean that they support Indian hackers, instead, this was only the first part of the response to the cyberwar between the countries.

“But on another note we do not approve of any brutality from any agency government or otherwise on the common people. All breaches of this human right shall be treated with an appropriate response. Expect some .in's in the near future,” he added.

The virtual warfare that is taking place in Asia for the past several months seems to grow in intensity and not only government sites are being targeted, hackers also deface thousands of commercial websites to prove their skills to the hackers from the opposing team.

Such cyberwars, in which soldiers are rarely lost, may go on for years and years, each side hacking more or less important domains allegedly to prove supremacy.

In certain countries such as Israel and Saudi Arabia, hackers launched a battle of credit card leaks, each side competing for the largest number of exposed bank accounts. Some countries such as Palestine even benefit from international support, TeaMp0isoN leaking 26,000 credit cards as part of Operation Free Palestine.

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