Los Angeles Police Site Hacked by CabinCr3w

The official website of the Los Angeles County Police Canine Association (LACPCA) was hacked by members of the CabinCr3w collective. The hackers not only leaked all the data they could find on their servers, but they also accused one of the officers of storing content that may be considered abusive towards children.

“Over the past three weeks, we in the cabin have been targeting law enforcement sites across the United States, be it for injustices they have allowed through ignorance or naivety, taken part in, or to point out the fact that their insecurity failed to protect the safety of those they took an oath to serve,” the hackers state.

One of the hackers part of the operation, Kahuna, told us that they obtained email addresses, passwords, names and physical addresses belonging to more than 1,000 officers, leaking all the data online as part of OpPiggyBank.

Besides this they also gained access to “over fifteen thousand police warrants, hundreds of thousands of court summons, over forty thousand social security numbers of citizens proving the police lack of care for the security of the citizens, anonymous tips of criminal informants pertaining to narcotics, criminal informant information and thousands of online police reports.”

Because many officers used the same passwords to access both their LACPCA accounts and their personal email accounts, the hackers dug around a bit and found some “disturbing content” in one of the mailboxes.

“Obviously, we will not be including the photos from the email in this release but we will be making contact with the appropriate organizations protecting children from exploitation online,” the hackers wrote in the Pastebin file that accompanied the data leak.

OpPiggyBank made a lot of victims lately, including the sites of the Syracuse Police, Wyoming State Troopers, Salt Lake City Police, Newark Police, and the Alabama Police.


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