Stratfor Faces Lawsuit for Failing to Secure Customer Data

Even though Stratfor took a lot of measures to prevent any misuse of the information Anonymous hackers obtained from them as a result of the hacking operations from December 2011, some of their customers are not content and they filed a lawsuit against the organization demanding more than $50 million (35 million EUR).

According to Statesman, the class action lawsuit was filed by David Sterling in New York, accusing the company of negligence, breach of contract and violation of the Stored Communication Act.

Stratfor is blamed for not taking the necessary steps to secure its computer system, thus resulting in the loss of 90,000 credit card details and over 5 million email messages.

On the other side of the fence, Strafor argues that the suit should take place in a Texas court since the company is based in Austin. Furthermore, the company states that it owes the plaintiff only $349 (245 EUR) representing the amount paid by customers for Stratfor’s services.

With the countersuit filed by the think tank in Texas, they want to demonstrate that they’ve been doing their best to make sure their customers are secure. First and foremost, they contacted the FBI as soon as they learned of the breach, also hiring security consultants to investigate the attack.

Furthermore, they even offered all customers identity protection services and advised them on all the security measures they should take to make sure their assets are protected.

Ever since Anonymous managed to breach their defenses, the company has been trying to resume its normal activities, but not before they made sure that similar incidents will be prevented in the future.

Unfortunately for them, all sorts of accusations started flying in their direction, not to mention the fraud schemes that currently target their customers. The Deep Green Resistance is accusing them of working with law enforcement agencies to spy on the Occupy movement and cybercriminals launched massive phishing campaigns that target their customers.

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