"Draw Something" Scams Circulating on Twitter

Security researchers warn Twitter users to be on the lookout for survey scams which are advertised by fake Draw Something accounts.

As many people already know, with great power comes great responsibility and with great popularity come, well, cybercriminals and their malicious operations.

Sophos experts found a number of shady Twitter accounts named “Draw Something,” based on the popular social drawing and guessing game that’s loved by hundreds of millions of smartphone owners worldwide.

“You have been chosen! Claim your prize [LINK],” reads one of the tweets.

“Your a lucky Prize winner! [LINK],” reads another.

In reality, no one ever wins the 5000 prizes promised by the false posts. Instead, Twitter customers who click on the links are taken to a site where they are requested to answer a few questions.

“Congratulations Draw Something Fan. You’ve Been Randomly Selected! Please answer a few quick questions about Draw Something. To thank you We will give you a FREE Gift worth over $500,” reads a message on the website.

After three basic questions are answered, the unsuspecting victim is presented with a “Claim your Prize” link that actually hides a classic survey scam.

For each individual that completes these surveys, the cybercrooks earn a certain amount of money paid by affiliate marketing sites.

Sophos already reported a couple of these accounts as being spammers and currently we didn’t find any other similar accounts. However, it’s very likely that the ones that run the scheme will make others and continue their evildoings.

Remember never to trust posts that promise fabulous prizes, especially if they come from unknown sources.

If you complete the surveys, you’re not only helping the crooks earn large amounts of money, but you may also end up handing them over your email address and phone number, which can be used for other malicious operations.


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