Exclusive Interview with Members of LulzSec Reborn

By now, many internauts and security enthusiasts are aware of the fact that the LulzSec gang is back. Operating under the name LulzSec Reborn, the hackers have already made a couple of victims: Military Singles and CSS Corp.

It turns out that after Sabu and the other LulzSec members were arrested, some hackers decided to continue the work started by the clean members of the group.

Because there has been a lot of debate regarding the legitimacy of the gang, we decided to once again head down to the pits (IRC channels) and try to get some clarifications.

We bumped into a couple of LulzSec Reborn hackers who didn’t want to make their nicknames public, but they agreed to answer a few questions.

Softpedia: Who is the leader of the new group, or is it just like with Anonymous where anyone can take the name upon himself?

LulzSec Reborn: Anyone can visit #lulzsecreborn, our IRC channel, and give support to LulzSec, but only trustworthy hackers enter the new crew. We need to know their past and if they check out we accept them.

But we are not associated with Anonymous.

Softpedia: How many members does LulzSec Reborn have and what parts of the world are they from?

LulzSec Reborn: I would say there are around 10-20 members, but we also welcome the knowledge of others. Our crew is made up of hackers from all around the world.

Softpedia: Are there any hackers from the old LulzSec in LulzSec Reborn?

LulzSec Reborn: Some of us were working a lot with Crediblethreat. He is now in jail. We also worked with Sabu, before we knew that he was a snitch, but we were in the background mostly and maybe that’s the main reason for which we're not in jail.

Softpedia: When was the new team launched?

LulzSec Reborn: Around 1.5 months ago.

Softpedia: So how come the world found out about LulzSec Reborn only after the military dating site was breached?

LulzSec Reborn: The team was formed right after the arrests, but we had only the idea. Now we started acting, and there is no plan. We might hack 10 servers in a day and we might be passive for 10 days sometimes.

Softpedia: What is the main purpose of the collective?

LulzSec Reborn: Continue where old LulzSec stopped, to hack military and government sites and leak their databases full of sensitive information to the public.

We also want to avenge the ones that were arrested, besides Sabu because we blame him for everything. We all worked with him and we were blind to see that he was a snitch.

Softpedia: Are the targets only from the US or from all around the world?

LulzSec Reborn: From around the world, but sure, US sites are top-rated because US government and military sites have bigger databases with more information, compared to others.

Softpedia: What is your secret to ensure that you won’t have the same fate as the old LulzSec gang?

LulzSec Reborn: It’s a secret.

Softpedia: Do you agree with other hackers who say that the old team fell apart because its members knew each other’s real identities?

LulzSec Reborn: Maybe that was one of the things that made them more vulnerable, but they all trusted Sabu too much, so I would say again that Sabu was the main problem.

Softpedia: Is there anything else you would like to add?

LulzSec Reborn: We knew that the FBI are lame, but we didn’t think they were this lame. If they didn’t have Sabu for inside information, they couldn’t have caught LulzSec members.


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