Finland Has the Least Malware, Albania the Most

A recent study made by security company Norman shows that Scandinavian countries are the safest from the perspective of global malware rates. At the other end of the poll we find an Eastern European country.

Data supplied by Norman’s Malware Cleaner demonstrates that Finland has the lowest rate of infection in the world. The figures show that malware is present only on close to 25% of all the computers. Of course, this doesn’t mean that 25% is not much; on the contrary.

Finland is followed closely by Norway and Sweden, the fourth position being occupied, surprisingly, by Puerto Rico, with around 25-28% of computers being affected by malware.

The top ten malware-free countries is completed by Denmark, Myanmar, Singapore, Sudan, Netherlands, and Lebanon.

One note must be made before moving on. Hackers from Lebanon told us a few days back that most of the country’s public websites, including ones managed by the government, are full of security holes.

Security holes in sites are not necessarily related to malware infections, but it is something worth mentioning.

To continue the top, this time with the list of countries that have the highest infection rates, we reveal the name of the Eastern European state, in which 65% of all computing devices host a virus, spyware, or a malicious Trojan. It’s Albania!

Other countries with infection rates of over 50% are South Korea, Guatemala, Vietnam, Indonesia, Argentina, Thailand, Georgia, the Philippines, Algeria, Venezuela, Lithuania and Pakistan.

Norman representatives inform that the study doesn’t include all the countries in the world. For instance, Niger, an African state that neighbors Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso and Mali, doesn’t make the list because the number of scan results wasn’t enough for a conclusive measurement.

Anyway, the people of Niger probably have other things to worry about than malware.

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