McAfee Launches "Security Battleground" to Aid Executives

Security solutions provider McAfee launched a book entitled “Security Battleground: An Executive Field Manual.” Written for Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and other executives, it acts as a guide for security-related budgets, strategies and operations.

Many executives need to fully understand the cyberthreats that may target their companies and that's precisely why McAfee experts Michael Fey, Brian Kenyon, Kevin Reardon, Bradon Rogers, and Charles Ross put their heads together and wrote the book based on their life experiences.

“Any top company or institution can suffer irreparable harm at the hands of cyber-attackers. Today it’s estimated that over 1 trillion dollars in damages can be attributed to this battle – and this number is expected to skyrocket to over 5 trillion within the next 5 years alone,” revealed Michael Fey, senior vice president at McAfee.

“This is a battle that has turned into a war and is being fought unlike any other and this was the question that started our journey to write this book.”

Made of three parts, the manual addresses executives that took on the ever important task of overseeing their company’s security processes and procedures.

The first part shows how a security team’s current maturity can be assessed and how it can be improved. This section also highlights the importance of a security plan, that’s just as important as any other strategy.

Part two, entitled “Preparing for Battle,” reveals the methodology for performing analysis and gathering the information needed for the development of the security strategy.

Finally, the last section of the book provides practical information regarding budgets, the management and optimization of security operations, preparation for potential security breaches, and the need for collaboration between companies.

“Security Battleground: An Executive Field Manual” can be purchased on Amazon, all earnings being donated by McAfee to a veteran’s charity.

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