NY Police Equipment Store Hacked by Anonymous

The official site of the New York Iron Works (newyorkironworks.com), a company that provides equipment and tactical gear to law enforcement agencies, was hacked by Anonymous as part of the FFF (short for [expletive] FBI Friday) operation.

The breach was also performed in support for Jeremy Hammond, one of the hackers ratted out by Hector Xavier Montsegur, known in the online activist communities as Sabu.

“To our fallen brothers Your work has not been forgotten, your skills and teachings has spawn another generation of an elite squander. Like the knights at the round table, we have shared may common interests but let us not forget the game we play. AntiSec is still alive and well,” reads the hackers’ statement.

The New York Iron Works’ main webpage was defaced to display a message, along with tons of information obtained from the organization’s servers. The leaked data includes usernames, clear-text passwords and email addresses.

“As the events are unfolding they are changing the fundamental of history as we know it. But dont be mistaken for, We will fight any individual, organization, corporation, and/or government that hinder our movement,” AntiSec hackers wrote on the defaced page.

“While some of our methods may seem unjust we believe that the action taken is needed. We are fighting the very institutions those are supposed to protect us. Fueled by money and power... the true nature of the government is at best: weak.”

Currently, the site of New York Iron Works is offline. The decision was most likely made because of the large number of login credentials that were made public.

We expect the site to remain down until all the passwords are changed and the vulnerability used by the hackers to gain unauthorized access is patched up.


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