“Pharmaceutical Interface for Google” Hides Rogue Pharmacy

Rogue online pharmacies, sometimes known as Canadian pharmacies, are still recording a great success, fact proven by the large number of spam emails that advertise these types of sites. GFI experts came across another variant of the phony messages that promote a so-called Google Pharmacy.

Google Health met its doom in 2011, but it didn’t matter too much for scammers who kept relying on the brand to push their products.

Bearing the subject “At Rx-shop CAILIS is more available,” the message appears to be coming from the address webmaster@irs.com, which is obviously cleverly set up to make everything look more legitimate.

“We have launched a pharmaceutical interface for Google, as well as several new features that will improve the Google experience for the people buying pills and using pharmaceutical interfaces,” the scam email reads.

“We are really pleased to have worked on a launch that will help people use pharmacy and surgery. We are currently working to make it available to even more users with more language interfaces.”

Unlike other similar advertisements, the links contained in this one are not clickable because the entire message is an image. Instead, recipients have to type the site’s address manually into the browser.

This technique allows the crooks to ensure that their emails bypass spam filters and end up in the mailboxes of unsuspecting internauts.

Once the website is accessed, the potential victim is presented with a site called Pharmacy Express, which is the name of a legitimate drug store from New Zealand. Hosted on a webserver in China, the malicious site uses the page template of the latest Canadian pharmacy scams to lure individuals.

Internet users are advised to be on the lookout for this and other similar scams and ignore their claims. If shady notifications or advertisements land in your inbox, make sure to mark them as spam so that the email provider knows how to handle them in the future.


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