Scam: Facebook Bans Customers Who Send Unanswered Friend Requests

Another scam is causing panic among Facebook customers. This time the false message claims that if a user clicks No when he’s asked if he knows the person that sent a friend request, the latter will be banned from performing basic operations for up to 30 days and maybe even permanently.

The scam message provided by Hoax-Slayer reads:

VERY IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ: Nice people are getting banned from facebook and it could happen to you, too - the reason is because when you get a friend request, if you click the "not now" button, you will automatically recieve a request from Facebook saying, "Do you know this person?"

if you click no, that person will automatically be suspended from group chats, blocked from sending friend requests, and other nasty things for 7-30 days, and if it happens enough - permanently.

So please.. if you get an unwanted friend request, just ignore it. If you accidentally click the "not now" button, then ignore the request from facebook asking if you know them - do not respond to it. Please pass this around so we can protect our friends (and ourselves!).

In reality, if a Facebook customer sends too many friends request to unknown people and many of them deny knowing him/her, the social media site will ban the spammer from sending friends requests and messages for a short while.

However, it’s not as bad as this false message claims. Furthermore, by the looks of it, this may be a clever scheme set up by spammers with the intention of ensuring that their campaigns record a higher rate of success.

The protection mechanisms implemented by Facebook against spam are designed to prevent abuse and the chances for a “nice” person to be banned by mistake are low if he/she abides by the rules.

If you have been blocked by Facebook and you want to avoid such incidents you can check out the guidelines released by the company for such situations.

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