Spam messages out of control

Although quite old this problem with unwanted messages has become the most tragic thing you can find not only irrelevant messages and very dangerous.
These messages come to us when we subscribed to a game or a site which contains various commercials, and then begin to advertise different but even these are a limited number of messages.
The danger comes from the sites, forums which sell the user informations or from hackers becouse they grab from sites those informations and then make money from stolen data

In a personal email I keep some of these messages so I can show you how dangerous it is and what to watch out

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See how different are the emails and how different keywords they use to make you to open it

Different but with one common message which tells you that you are very lucky and you are the winner of a lot of money or a car, or even a formidable partnership which will bring you a lot of money

These messages better to delete them without opening them, although not an imminent danger, and neither will do anything if you open them to read

Let's see what's in those messages and what they hide

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In all you'll find that ti's sent by a large company or even by a government agency and that they have chose you from among thousands of people
The real truth is that the same message goes to thousands of emails went

So far, so ok

Let's see what is the major problem with these messages and what expect from you the scammers

As you see in the pictures to get money or whatever you have earned should send your details

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Yes you ask all your personal information
Items which they will sell them to various advertising companies or even worse will use them for illegal activities

Another danger is the message which contains a document which will need to download
Only what you download can be thousands of things and the most probably they will are stealing your data by opening the file in your pc

What's left to say is that you are not as fortunate as they will say, nor will they will send email to tell you that you won 1000000 euro even from somewhere that you know what it is


Prodefence Team

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