Strong Passwords Can Be Inspired by the Bible, Bishop Says

The use of strong passwords is recommended by every security expert out there and many of them even devised clever techniques for creating hard-to-guess passwords that are easy to remember.

Now, the Bishop of Rochester started teaching his parishioners how to create strong passwords using Bible passages.

According to Kent News, the Right Reverend James Langstaff is using a technique that’s approved by many security experts.

For instance, take the following passages:

Father, into your hands I commit my spirit. Luke Chapter 23 Verse 46.

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. John Chapter 12 Verse 13

By taking the first letter of each word and maintaining their cases, we obtain the passwords FiyhIcmsL23V46 and BihwcitnotLJ12V13.

As many security enthusiasts may conclude, the Reverend’s technique does not imply turning the letter “a” into “@” or the “I” into “|”, but he’s probably counting on the fact that the length and the complexity should make the password strong enough.

“This is an easy way for school pupils and adults alike to remember new passwords and passages from the Bible at the same time. I like to think it’s a bit of fun with a life-long learning element,” the Bishop said.

On the other hand, some experts don’t agree with this technique.

“People who know you are likely to know if you're an active Christian, and may even be able to guess some of the most popular quotes from the Bible,” Graham Cluley of Sophos told TechEye.

“You can also imagine that if this technique became popular, hackers would simply create a database of likely quotes to run against an account.”

Cluley also recommends the use of different passwords for each account, along with a password management application that can save internauts the hassle of remembering them.

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