Anonymous Threaten UK Home Office for Tracking and Extradition Laws

The AnonOpsUK Twitter account revealed the start of a new op called Operation Trial At Home, which is meant as a protest against the extradition of United Kingdom citizens to the United States.

Other Anonymous hackers threaten the UK government for the new law that may pose a great threat to the privacy of Internet users.

AnonOpsUK even made a flyer, urging Anonymous supporters to “charge their lazers” and prepare for an attack that would target the official website of the Home Office.

Even the site’s IP address is provided for those who may use distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) tools such as LOIC, HOIC or SLOWLORIS.

“#OpTrialAtHome has been initiated, We are inviting every #Anon to join us in our fight against #Extradition and the #EAW,” the hackers wrote on Twitter.

The protest against the extradition of UK citizens comes after news that the famous hacker Gary McKinnon may be trialed in the US. Besides McKinnon, the flyer designed for OpTrialAtHome also displays two other names.

One of them is Christopher Harold Tappin, a retired British businessman that’s accused by the US government of providing Iran with materials that can be used to build surface-to-air missiles.

The second is 23-year-old Richard O'Dwyer who is wanted by US authorities for running, a website that hosted copyrighted material.

The other threats made by the Anonymous community towards the British government are not so specific, but hacktivists are not happy with the fact that UK authorities are seeking the power to monitor the entire Internet.

Many civil rights groups have argued that an Internet traffic monitoring law poses a great threat to privacy.

Furthermore, many believe that this measure could bring the UK to the rank of China or Iran where a lot of content is censored and the state closely tracks internauts for any sign of rebellion.

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