Anonymous: We Don’t Agree with LulzSec Reborn

Members of LulzSec Reborn told us in a recent interview that they were not connected to Anonymous, but it seems that there’s more to it than that. An Anonymous representative reveals that not only they’re not connected, but also, they’re totally against the newly formed collective.

“It’s a shame to see sensible media outlets jumping on the fail wagon and cheering to the tune of this shambolic and viscous attempt to honeypot its unsuspecting users. #LulzsecReborn is a no holds barred operation,” an unnamed member of the Anonymous community wrote to us.

Furthermore, Anonymous claims that there’s something awfully fishy about LulzSec Reborn.

“It is a vile honeypot where all users are unaware of their misfortune. All links to their claimed victims valuble databases are relayed through a particular node on tor which is then poisoned with a 'J0hnMarxx'.”

The hacktivists claim that the hacks that targeted the military dating site and CSS Corp are nothing more than an insult to Anonymous and its beliefs.

“Supporters of the new ideal are being led on a wild goose chase and doing nothing but chasing that ever increasing void that plagues them, their freedom. Anonymous does not approve of this op and nor will it be tolerated. It goes against Anonymous' primary objectives,” they explained.

Separately, a hacker that’s well-known for participating in Anonymous operations states that avenging the clean members of the old LulzSec group has become an objective.

“But this is not the proper way to do it,” he told us.

Since Sabu and the other LulzSec hackers were arrested, a lot of rumors announced the rebirth of the group to protest the sneaky methods used by law enforcement representatives to apprehend them.

However, it seems that LulzSec is doomed to become a name forever associated with infiltrators and traitors.

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