Beware of “Switch to Green Facebook Profile” Survey Scam

Scammers are not running out of ideas when it comes to promoting their malicious campaigns on Facebook. After they offered Timeline removal tools and pink profiles, now they promise users a feature that will make their Facebook account green.

According to Hoax Slayer, the shady “Switch to Green Facebook Profile” page gives detailed instructions on how the feature can be activated:

For a limited amount of time, Facebook will allow you to change your profile color from BLUE to GREEN :) It Looks so cools and it’s something that you MUST try!!! Follow the instructions bellow to switch your color now!

Facebook customers who comply with the demands and Share, and Comment on the shady page, are requested to click on a link that points to an app called Change2Green. This application can later be utilized by the crooks to make posts on the user’s behalf to promote this and other malicious scams.

However, that’s not all. After the app is allowed access to the profile, the victims are presented with a page that permits them to choose their location between the US and UK. Once that is done, a pop-up window informs that they are the lucky winners of a prize.

This is where the fraudsters start making bundles of money. First they ask the internaut to enter his/her mobile number in order to win an iPad. This is actually a subscription trap which signs up users to services that cost a lot.

In the next phase, a number of classic surveys are presented, each promising more fabulous prizes.

While no one gets them, or the green Facebook profile, the scam artists earn large sums each time someone completes a survey or enters a phone number.

Worryingly, this is not the only such scam that’s making the rounds on the social media network. We have also seen campaigns called Facebook Green, Get 1,000,000 People To Join And We Will Turn Facebook Green, Install Green F.A.C.E.B.O.O.K, and many others.

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