CabinCr3w Hacker Arrested, Admits Being FBI Informant

The FBI arrested another hacker. This time it’s Higinio Ochoa, from Texas, known on the hacking scene as w0rmer, or higochoa, part of the infamous CabinCr3w collective, whose members are responsible for breaching the sites of US law enforcement agencies, and for publishing the details (doxing) of numerous US officials.

Threat Post
reports that a complaint was filed against the hacker on March 15 for the unauthorized access into a protected computer, but no details are provided.

The interesting part of this incident is a letter allegedly posted by Ochoa on Pastebin, dated March 30. In the document, the hacker admits being taken into custody by US Marshals on March 20.

W0rmer admits to being “approached to be a confidential informant,” but he claims that everything he spilled on his team mates was intended to confuse the FBI and not to rat them out.

“I did how ever tell FBI that I would participate in the capture of my fellow crew mates, a play which undoubtfully both satisfied and confused the FBI,” he wrote.

“ALL information provided to the FBI merely made MY case weaker and caused internal confusion showing the inherent weakness in the system. It was only because of this play that I believe I was allowed to not only get bond but keep those closest to me safe.”

Unlike the now famous Hextor Xavier Monsegur, better known as Sabu, who worked as a full-time informant for the FBI, Ochoa claims that he will do everything in his power to protect Occupy activists.

“When I abandoned my mask i was fully aware of the consiquences and know full well that someday i may infact have to pay for my activism. My life from that day on was about protecting my fellow activist, not myself, which is why I stand here today and you do-not,” he explained.

“The problem i see in the world today is apathy and a willingness to protect oneself over others, something I myself took a personal oath to not follow.”

We couldn’t verify the legitimacy of this letter, but a link to it was posted on the official Twitter page of the CabinCr3w.

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