Check Point Launches ThreatCloud and GAiA Secure OS

Check Point revealed the availability of GAiA, a unified secure operating system, and ThreatCloud, considered to be the first collaborative network purposed to aid organizations in the fight against cybercrime.

With the release of its Software Blade Architecture, R75.40, the company introduces a 64 bit operating system that’s designed to offer more than 100 new security features.

The firm already has a couple of operating systems on the market, the IPSO, for IP Appliances, and SPLAT, for Power-1, UTM-1, IAS and 2012 Appliances. However, the new Check Point GAiA is a unified operating system, with an easy-to-use web-based interface, that can be utilized for appliances, open servers, and virtualized gateways.

“To fight sophisticated, multi-vector attacks, deploying multiple standalone solutions is not sufficient. In the wake of emerging threats and new solutions, it has become critical for customers to keep security infrastructure integrated and simple,” revealed Gil Shwed, founder, chairman and CEO at Check Point Software Technologies.

“With a 64-bit OS and a variety of cutting-edge features, GAiA enables customers to align multiple layers of security protection on a unified platform and create an integrated security blueprint.”

ThreatCloud, the cybercrime-fighting network, is also integrated into R75.40 and it provides not only security intelligence, but also real-time protection against pieces of malware and other types of threats usually leveraged by criminals that operate in the virtual reality.

Basically, the ThreatCloud allows companies to exchange threat-related information. If one company is attacked, all the others that use the service will be automatically protected within seconds.

“With new forms of malware being generated on a daily basis, ThreatCloud expands an organization’s security footprint, bringing customers significantly more information and analysis about attacks than they would have otherwise had before,” said Dorit Dor, vice president of products at Check Point Software Technologies.

The R75.40 is free for existing customers, individual software blades being priced starting at $1,500 (1,140 EUR).

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