Fake Australian Apple Store Emails Target Credit Card Data

An email titled “Apple Discount Card – 100 AU$” may land in the inboxes of unsuspecting users, falsely informing them that they can win credit worth $100 (75 EUR) if they purchase a $9 (6.75 EUR) Apple Discount Card.

The email, provided by Hoax Slayer, looks something like this:

Dear Apple Customer,

Apple is rewarding its long-term customers. Your loyalty for our products made you eligible for buying an Apple Discount Card. With this only 9 AU$ Discount Card you will have 100 AU$ credit at any Australian Apple Store or on [Link removed]

To acquire your Apple Discount Card please click here [Link removed]

( You will receive your Apple Discount Card via e-mail in the following 24 hours after your payment has been made.)

Copyright © 2012 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

Bearing an Apple Store logo, the notification urges users to click on a link which leads to a site that replicates an Apple webpage.

Here, the victim is requested to provide information such as name, physical address, date of birth, driver’s license, credit card number, its expiration date, the CVV and even the “Verified by Visa/Mastercard” password.

Once the Submit button is pressed, all the information is stored in a database controlled by the cybercriminals, the unsuspecting internaut being taken to a legitimate Apple site.

The large amount of data is more than enough for the crooks to make fraudulent purchases and other illegal transactions using the victim’s credit card. This is why users must beware of shady emails that purport to come from large companies.

Naturally, many may be tempted to think that Apple is running such a campaign, giving out discount cards, but there is a rule of thumb that can help you get out of any unfortunate situation: if credit card details and passwords are required, it’s a scam.


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