Hacker Claims Breach on Chinese Military Contractor CEIEC

A hacker that calls himself Hardcore Charlie claims to have “owned” CEIEC, China National Electronics Import-Export Corporation, a company that’s believed to be connected to the Chinese military.

“Today us prezenta recently owneed chino military kontraktor CEIEC. Us be shoked porque their [expletive] was packed with goodiez cummin from a USA Military brigadezz in Afghanistan,” the hacker wrote on Pastebin.

“Them lulz hablando mucho puneta about sam slit eyed dudz in Vietnam and Philiez doing bizness in Ukraine and Russia selling goodiez to Taliban terrorists. Us dedikate this reliz in honor of those Fallen, remember them!(sic)”

If the hacker’s claims are true, it would be the second time this year when alleged military secrets end up publicly available.

In January, we reported that the hacker collective called Lords of Dharamraja leaked a document that showed how the Indian government was aided by major mobile phone manufacturers to spy on the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

Of course, at the time, the firms mentioned in the document rushed to deny the “evidence.”

In the scenario we are presented with today there’s not much difference, as the document leaked by the hackers apparently contains military secrets that relate to Afghanistan, Iran, and Vietnam.

However, while some of the documents look like they carry secret data, with charts and graphs and everything, the information from at least one of the scanned files is publicly available on the Internet.

Hardcore Charlie has published a 2.2 gigabyte archive that is only the first part of the information he claims to have obtained as a result of the hack on CEIEC.

While the legitimacy of these documents can be questioned, it’s clear that hacktivists have focused their attention on China this week, defacing more than 400 websites that belong to the country’s government.


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