Hacker Uploads More Alleged US Army Docs Obtained from CEIEC

China National Electronics Import-Export Corporation (CEIEC) has denied that its systems were breached. But the hacker known as Hardcore Charlie, a supporter of the Anonymous ideal, insisted that the data he gained access to was legitimate, so he made available another set of documents, totaling 400 megabytes.

“True we have discovered a Philippines campaign against china and vietnam -by gaining access to chinese corporate emails, well [expletive] them - the md5 hashes of sina.com are easy to bang. CEIEC you store your private stuff at sina.com adresses so do not fool people the more you deny the more we pwn you and we still do so kiss us where we [expletive] aight?(sic),” the hacker wrote.

The hackers that participate in this project say they uncovered some documents related to Afghanistan, more precisely some US “cargo charts” received by China and forwarded to Ukraine.

They also say they possess US Military data, leaked from the email account of an employee of Vietnam’s oil company Petro Vietnam, that includes GPS information and documents.

At some point, the data dumps that allegedly came from the hacktivists were infected with malware, but they say that it wasn’t their “deed.”

The US Army is blamed for trying to shut them down to cover up its involvement in the scheme.

“They do not want us know about Military information about afghanistan cargos being traded to terrorists in Ukraine and Russia as payment for their services, behind this is the Wan Bao corporation trying to get stake in Ukraine and Russia copper mine deals. Its all about money folks and US gives no [expletive] since they are involved too you know,” they explained.

As we’ve said on a previous occasion, the legitimacy of the documents is hard to verify, but even if they are genuine, it seems that in this case the hacktivists didn’t cause too many waves with their findings.


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