Iranian Science, Research and Technology Ministry Fends Off Cyberattack

Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research and Technology released a statement revealing that the organization had recently managed to protect its networks against a cyberattack.

According to Fars News, the ministry’s systems were targeted by hackers, but the countermeasures set in place by authorities proved to be effective.

“Despite the frequent efforts made by hackers, the cyber attack has failed to leave any impact on the data system,” read the statement issued by ministry officials.

The computer networks owned and operated by the county’s government are constantly attacked and the main suspects, as always, are considered to be the United States and Israel.

Another recent target was the Ministry of Petroleum whose representatives claim that a computer virus was used in an attempt to cause damage to hard drives. This attack also failed.

After the Stuxnet incident, which may have been part of a larger plot designed to disrupt the state’s nuclear program, Iran seems to have deployed enhanced mechanisms to protect its networks against their enemies.

The presence of Stuxnet has long been debated. If at first everyone believed that the main culprits were the United States and Israel, later, the finger was pointed even at Russia.

More recent reports showed that Iranian double agents working for Israel might have manually planted Stuxnet by using a memory stick.

It’s believed that the operation against Iran’s nuclear facilities is more than just about computer viruses. Some voices claimed that as part of the same campaign a number of nuclear scientists were assassinated.

It seems that this episode is far from being over. Just like the US constantly accuses China and Russia of launching state-funded cyberattacks against its infrastructures, Iran will continue to blame Israel and the United States.

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