Rails Machine Pulls Plug on Pastie.org After 2 DDOS Attacks

Pastie.org, the popular paste site, has been targeted with two distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks. To protect other customers and its own networks, Rails Machine decided to no longer host and sponsor the service.

“I did not see this coming and did not expect my hosting company to just pull the plug so quickly,” Josh Goebel, the developer of Pastie wrote on the site’s main page.

“I really feel bad about this. I'm just a single person running the site free of charge. I make a very minimal amount of monthly income from the ads. Probably just enough to cover hosting now that I don't have a sponsor,” he explained.

Goebel is currently seeking help from someone with expertise in protection against DDOS attacks, so if there’s anyone that can aid him in getting the service running, they should contact him.

Paste tools have become a favorite place for hackers to dump information obtained from breached websites, but if one collective doesn’t agree with the data that’s on the website, they will try to take it offline.

From what we’ve seen, doxes are among the number one reasons for which sites like Pastie.org are attacked. One hacker group doxes another and the victims attack the site to ensure that no one can access the information.

Pastebin, probably the most popular paste tool, has also fallen victim to numerous attacks that forced its administrators to shut it down. The large number of hits and the data dumps posted by hackers and hacktivists even made the site’s owners think about introducing new systems that would keep sensitive data away.

More recently, Anonymous and the Poeples Liberation Front have launched their own paste site, AnonPaste, which they advertise as being a great alternative to Pastebin. The service’s owners promote it as being highly secure and, of course, anonymous.


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