Site of NATO Croatia Hacked and Defaced by TeaMp0isoN

The official NATO Croatia site (, hosted on the main website of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, was hacked and defaced by two of the members of TeaMp0isoN, TriCk and Phantom.

Here’s what the hackers wrote on the defaced site:

Dividing up a country when a genuine uprising is taking place just to build military bases and steal the countries natural resources is wrong! - You were not needed in Libya, nor are you needed in Syria!

You cover up the killings of innocent people in the name of democracy, companies like BAE Systems and BP oil benefit from the blood that is being spilt by YOUR hands!

You spread propaganda through Rupert Murdoch’s media machine to get support for these genocides, the masses have allowed themselves to be dumbed down by the media, we have supported NATO terrorism against countries that disagree with NATO interests for way too long!

We are all complicit in the murder of the innocent, It's time to make a stand!

Apparently, members of TeaMp0isoN have learned a great deal from past experiences when the breaches they performed were denied or undervalued by the affected companies, so this time they come with proof.

Besides defacing the site, they have also leaked logs dated between 2010 and 2012, to show that the breached server is currently being utilized.

The decision comes after, back in 2011, United Nations representatives denied being breached by TeaMp0isoN, later stating that the hacked server was in fact old and unused.

On a past occasion, we asked TriCk, the leader of the collective, why they defaced the websites they breached.

“Defacing sites is a form of raising awareness. I hacked the daily mail recently. I added a program counter on the deface page and 20,000+ people viewed the page in one night. That means my message was sent out to 20,000. How can that be useless? It also embarrasses the organization targeted,” he told us.

If in the example he provided their message was seen by 20,000 people, this time the page has been accessed by 231,000 and the site still hasn’t been fixed.

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