Panasonic, United Nations and Australian Government Hacked by TeaMp0isoN

After their leader TriCk was arrested, members of TeaMp0isoN promised that they would continue operations, and now it seems that they’re keeping that promise. Their latest targets include the official sites of Panasonic (, United Nations World Health Organization (, and the Australian Government (

The hacktivists have leaked information from all the sites, but the most damage was caused to the main site of the Australian government, from which they leaked more than 600 agency names, usernames – represented by email addresses - and clear text passwords.

“TeaMp0isoN is here with another release! Here we present to you some nice delicious data of the Australian Government ( dumped data. In this release there are email addresses, passwords for just about every important Australian Government agency/business associated with (,” they explained.

“We are against releasing of vuln. links. That’s what whitehats do.”

From the site of Panasonic, TeaMp0ison has made public names, usernames, password hashes, and, in some cases, email addresses, including the ones of the site’s administrator, totaling around 25 record sets.

As far as the breach on the World Health Organization is concerned, the hackers only leaked close to a dozen of credential sets, comprised of usernames, password hashes and some email addresses. The administrator’s details are among the ones made public.

“If you want to know the reasoning for this release, read up on our previous releases against the United Nations. Sadly, the same reasons still apply as the UN will likely always be a corrupt organization,” the hackers said about the WHO breach.

Since they promised to retaliate against the arrest of TriCk, we’ve asked the hackers if this was part of the revenge operation.

“Those are yet to come, like we said, it’s a tip of the iceberg, but these current have no connection,” they said.

“It seems like these big corps and govs love us, giving us access to their servers and such.”

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