The Unknowns: What We Did Helped the Hacked Websites

The hacker collective called “The Unknowns” has released another statement to reveal their reasons behind the breaches on NASA’s Glen Research Center, ESA, the US Military, US Air Force, the Thai Royal Navy, Harvard University, Renault, the Yellow Pages in Jordan, the Ministry of Defense in Bahrain, and the French Ministry of Defense.

“We are a new hacker group, we have never been in any hacking team before. We are not Anonymous Version 2 and we are not against the US Government. We can't call ourselves White Hat Hackers but we're not Black Hat Hackers either,” they wrote.

“These Websites are important, we understand that we harmed the victims and we're sorry for that - we're soon going to email them all the information they need to know about the penetrations we did. We still think that what we did helped them, because right now they know that their Security is weak and that it should be fixed.”

The hackers claim that their goal is not to harm anyone, but to make the Internet more secure. They state that the vulnerabilities they've leveraged to gain access to all those databases and leak information have been patched up, turning their mission into a success.

The Unknowns also reveal that they’re not hacktivists, they don’t want chaos or a revolution. Instead, they simply want to ensure that the “internet world” is safe.

According to ZDNet, both ESA and NASA have confirmed the fact that their sites have been breached. A NASA spokesperson said that their systems were secured after the incident in order to avoid future ones, but he stated that “sensitive or controlled” information wasn’t at risk.

As far as ESA is concerned, the agency’s Security Office Manager Stefano Zatti revealed that the hackers used an SQL Injection vulnerability to gain access to their databases.

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